Parish Centennial

Saint Raymond's Centennial

Dear Parish Family,

The Priests, Deacons, and Sisters of St. Raymond Parish, along with the Centennial Celebration committee joyfully announce the beginning of our centennial celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of St. Raymond Parish. In July 2009, our beloved parish will mark 100 years of service, community, faith and fellowship. Over the next eighteen months, we have planned a series of social, spiritual, educational and fundraising events. We hope that you will join with our parish family in these events and relive the rich heritage that is ours. We will reflect on generation upon generation of St. Raymond families baptized, married and buried within our walls. We celebrate decades of Catholic education and dozens of vocations. We celebrate athletic victories, musical talent, charitable organizations and service to our community. We celebrate parishioners past and present who represent leaders of the church, business, education, entertainment and more. But most importantly we begin a celebration of love for one another, and gratitude for our parish home.

Our centennial celebration pin, distributed at Christmas masses, is our gift to you. Over the next eighteen months we hope you will proudly wear your pin on coats, or school uniforms, or backpacks to announce to all the joy we feel in reaching this most exciting milestone. A sampling of the many events that have been planned is enclosed with a more detailed schedule to follow. Look for more information in our parish bulletin, on the parish website and by mail.. We look forward to this time together as we renew our bonds of commitment, faith and love for one another and St. Raymond Parish.

We wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!

Monsignor William Jablonski -Pastor
Bill Nicoletti and Noreen Leahy -Centennial Celebration Co-Chairs

Anniversary Committee Committee Charimen

Social Committee: Karen Garrity and Lucy Ostermann
Historical/Educational: Joe Herbert and Marynita Anderson
Spiritual: Mike DeLury and Noreen Costello
Communications Committee: John Markey and Ken Schuermann
Fundraising Committee: Bernie Kilkelly and Hilary Becker

Welcome Back Father Mass and Luncheon Enjoyed by All
Thank you to all who participated in the May 18 Centennial Mass and Luncheon.
Bishop Chris Cardone concelebrated with twelve current or returning priests and deacons. Our church was filled with old and new friends and parishioners who enjoyed both the Choir and Folk Group, supplying music to our celebration. Thank you for all who attended and to the Centennial committee members on the artistic, historical, spiritual and social committees!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Recently you received a mailing asking you to consider a donation to our fundraiser to purchase the parish a new organ as a birthday gift to us! Please consider a gift, and return your donation or pledge to the rectory. Thank you for your generosity!

Centennial Calendar of Events were mailed to all parishioners. Refer to them for information on all upcoming events. Additional copies are available at the entrance to the church.

The Centennial Dinner Dance
The Centennial Dinner Dance will take place on February 13, 2009 at the Sand
Castle, in Franklin Square. This will be the most important social gathering of the Centennial and we are hoping to welcome all parishioners and their extended families for a celebration of St. Raymond Parish! Book your table early as we anticipate a sell-out crowd and a wonderful evening of
Friendship, Faith and Love!

Centennial Flashbacks

Saint Raymond's Centennial
Centennial Flashback
Virginia Offer offers this humorous memory of Fr. Colgan...
"God ordained that in the 1960?s in St. Raymond Parish, we had a wonderful priest as moderator of the CCD and Bingo, among other things. We know that Father Thomas Colgan must be a saint because of all the jokes and pranks we played on him. All he would ever say was, "It has not been easy." When he left the parish a sweatshirt bearing those words was given to him. Nick Cinque had gotten possession of a statue of Cleopatra from the movie of the same name. Made of styrofoam, the base was 8 feet square and the statue was eight feet tall. With Monsignor Walsh?s permission a team consisting of Nick, Tony Zarba, Ralph Brande, Dick Offer, Jack McCotter, and Ed Patterson was assembled to put the Queen of the Nile on the roof above the garages outside of Fr. Colgan?s window. Knowing Fr. Colgan was absent from the rectory, Cleopatra was put on Nick?s flatbed truck and backed into the driveway behind the rectory. An extension ladder was propped against the roof and a couple of the pranksters went onto the roof. With a rope around Cleo, they pulled her up, while the rest of the team pushed her. When Fr. Colgan came home, he was told that a lady was looking for him. By her dress, she seemed foreign. It was only by the light of the next morning, when Fr. Colgan awoke and looked out the window he saw the beautiful Egyptian Queen looking back at him. She was there for several months before Nick retrieved her. Thank you Fr. Colgan for all the good you did for our parish and for your limitless kindness and good humor."

Centennial Flashback
?St. Raymond Parish? 1968? interfaith services began in 1968 with a Sunday evening Mass followed with the opportunity for our Protestant neighbors in attendance to ask questions. Confirmation was administered in St. Raymond Parish on Sunday afternoon in May of 1968 by Bishop Kupfer, M.M., Bishop of Taichung , Taiwan. Father led an interfaith panel discussion on the topic of The Role of the Layman in Religion.?

Centennial Flashback
?Eugene (Happy) Tucker, as a student at East Rockaway High School, learned stage design from participation in Rock Rivalry. During the 1950?s and 1960?s Hap turned the St. Raymond School gym into a wonderland twice a year. The Holy Name Society had its annual dance the Saturday after Easter and the parish had a New Year?s Eve Dance. Hap turned the gym into a cruise ship o one occasion and April in Paris on another. Blue sky above us and flower carts dotting the gym created a magical scene. At midnight the Father Eugene McManus entertained parishioners at the New Year?s Eve dances with his traditional rendition of I?ve got Sixpence. ?
(Memories supplied by Virginia Offer

Centennial Flashback
?Bishop Christopher Cardone graduated St. Raymond School in June of 1972. Bishop Chris was an active member of the first Student Council, an altar server, boy scout, and athlete. He grew up on Cherry Lane in Lynbrook, one of many children growing up with the ?Cherry Lane Gang?.

Centennial Flashback
?Cub Scout Pack 84 was initially chartered on December 10, 1947 after Reverend Father Thomas A. Judge had enlisted the scouting experience of Mr. Spencer Schryver who, in turn, diligently laid the organizational foundation and assumed the key obligation as Chairman of the Pack committee. Mr. John O?Neil shouldered the vice-chairmanship. Mr. Wilson served as Cubmaster to the original 28 boys registered under Pack 84.?

Centennial Flashback
In 1969 when our current Religious Education Coordinator, Mrs. Evelyn Contaldi, became involved with CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) the CCD house was located on Carman Avenue (next to the convent). It was used as the main office, meeting place, adult education classes, babysitting, and social gathering place for catechists. Religious Education classes were held in St. Raymond School, as they are today. However, at that time many classes for junior high school and high school student?s classes were held in volunteer catechists' homes.

Centennial Flashback
In 1946, after World War II, the population on Long Island was evident to our Pastor, Reverend William Walsh. Father Walsh, with the approval of Archbishop Molloy, raised funds to expand the parish facilities. The last mass was offered in the ?Little Wooden Church? and future masses were offered in the school auditorium until the opening of the new church
in the spring of 1957.

Centennial Flashback
On April 15, 1915 the Holy Name Society of St. Raymond Parish extended an invitation to the first Social Whirl, ?which if encouragement warrants, will stimulate our efforts to other performances.? The entertainment took place at the Bates Opera House and included games and dancing until 10:30 P.M.! Reverend Dennis Carroll was listed as the Spiritual Director. Among the entertainers were the Penyafort Cadets Band and Drill Team, the predecessor to our very own Golden Rays!

Centennial Flashback
?In 1998, a group of seven St. Raymond?s parishioners boarded a plane for our first Mission Awareness Trip to Guatemala. This experience was the beginning of the Guatemalan connection for our parish. The relationship grew stronger when our Sister Parish Project began to send a monthly stipend as part of our parish?s Stewardship commitment to the parishes of St. John the Baptist and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Projecto Don Bosco was initiated in 2002 as a way to include individual sponsorships of children by St. Raymond families and to continue the annual mission trips. Each July, two groups of parishioners venture to Novillero, Guatemala for an 8 day Mission Trip. They are able to experience "Mission Life? and see the reality of the life our sister parishioners live. It continues to enrich the story of St. Raymond?s rich 100 year history!?

Centennial Flashback
St. Raymond School was founded in 1926 with twelve classrooms, an auditorium and a gymnasium. In 1961 an annex to the school building was completed. Groups of parishioners went door to door and received pledges of $250,000 for this project.