From The Deacon's Bench

From The Deacon’s Bench

By Deacon Tom Connolly

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” These are words from a song entitled “Closing Time” and they give us the opportunity to reflect a little bit as we begin 2013, the Year of Faith as his Holiness, Benedict XVI has named it.

It comes as we close out a year that has been filled with situations and events that could test the faith of anyone. We saw our economy still faltering; many of our friends and family still in need of steady work. We saw our neighborhoods devastated by Hurricane Sandy; we see so many unable to return home, still in need of so much; and as nation we cried. We cried and mourn the senseless murder of 26 little children and adults. We saw a year of heartaches and difficulties and yet we also saw a year when the presence of Jesus Christ walked amongst us.

Each and every one of us should be incredibly proud to be a Knight of Columbus. Either as individuals or as Councils when the disaster struck brother Knights sprang into action. Whether it was distributing food, opening their home to the displaced, serving Thanksgiving dinners or collecting toys for little ones who lost everything, the Knights of Columbus were second to none in their offers of help.

A great example of this was the Toy Fund Raiser. Trying hard to let no little child be disappointed on Christmas Msgr. Walsh/ St. Raymond’s Council joined forces with St. Mary’s Council in Lynbrook. With little more than two weeks to put it together and mostly by word of mouth on probably the busiest weekend of the year we had a marvelous time and had enough gifts to distribute to 104 families. That’s the Knights of St. Raymond’s Council in action! And you know what? We had a great time to boot!

Our work is truly God’s work and we must never falter in doing it. There is no better time to be a Knight of Columbus and there is no better time, as we begin a new year, the Year of Faith, to ask someone to join. Many great events are coming up this year so make the effort and ask someone to join. You’ll be helping the Council; you’ll be helping the community, you’ll be helping the Church and you’ll be doing him a big favor!